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Technical Audit

A technical audit is step one for any website audit because it provides you with information on how the underlying technology is performing – or not performing. This affects every other aspect of the site and how people use it, so it comes first.

Website Audit Process

The challenge here is simple: A website audit consists of many moving parts.

  • Marketing/Sales Goals
  • Effectiveness (data/analytics)
  • Design
  • CMS / Ease of management
  • Usability
  • Structural Quality (SEO)
  • Content
  • Security

What is an SEO Site Audit?

A Site Audit involves a technical and visual review, analyzing your website and contents page by page, and checking all of the features that affect SEO and consumer behavior.

An audit may include:

  • Technical Crawl - In short, we comb through the code of your site and use special tools to crawl for errors, items missing, duplicate data or page speed issues that could inhibit SEO.
  • Keyword Focus - The simplest tool for improving search engine results, keywords are commonly-searched terms that relate directly to your company and its products. It is important to use the right keyword phrases often enough within your content so that search engines will find your website. We will analyze your keyword focus throughout your site content and evaluate opportunities for improvement.
  • Site Layout - Websites that are easy to navigate and have clear calls to action perform better in search results than those that are not. You must remove any features that customers will find distracting or confusing, or slow down your site. Removing these issues allow users to move from page to page with as few barriers as possible.
  • Mobile Optimization - A growing percentage of online searches are performed on smartphones and tablets, so search engines have begun penalizing websites that are not optimized for mobile devices. We check your site for compatibility with mobile platforms or other issues and report back to you.

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